A sweet home away from home

  • Why your child should become the part of mount maurya ............? salient features .....
  • Spacious modernised airy class rooms.
  • Activity based study.
  • For pre-primary teaching will be totally through playway method.
  • Special empazies on slow-learners spoken english enviornment.
  • Different games and hobbies to inculcate the hidden qualities of your child.
  • In future horse-riding ,swimming and school band will be the special attractions for the Mauryan's.
  • Fully CBSE curriculam.
  • Provision of scholarship for brilliant students & poor students.
  • Students in each class as per the CBSE norms.
  • Transport and boarding facilities.
  • Last but not the least student exchange program will start for proper interaction to increase their confidence level for their personality development.