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About Mount Maurya Inter National School

I don't know that comedy is the way to go with a pre-school. It would be nice to have something cute, but parents really want someone they can trust. Here are a few ideas: Who cares? We do. STOP by our pre-school LOOK at how we provide love and care for kids LISTEN to their joyous laughter PRE (before the stress) SCHOOL (but beginning to learn)
Let us help your kids start their education in a warm, loving, happy environment. WE WATCH YOUR KIDS so you don't have to We want to be your kids' first memory of learning in a safe, happy place NO WHINING You have to pick your kids up by 6:00! We're here because you can't be. But your love, care and happiness will stay with them, through us. Hope that helps! Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.
Maria Montessori
(1870 - 1952)
Italian physician, educator,
philosopher, humanitarian